5 reasons why your house is not selling in a seller’s market

Your house is in a seller’s market, yet it isn’t selling. What’s the problem? There may be various reasons why your house is not being picked up by a prospective buyer. Here are some of the reasons for it.

House is valued too high

You may have asked an unrealistic price for your house. That’s why your house isn’t selling. You should do a thorough research on the market and see how the properties in the neighborhood are valued. Your property should be priced accordingly.

The condition of the house is not good

If the condition of your house is not good, the house won’t sell. You need to fix the major problems in your house and renovate the house, if possible. If the paint is coming off, then you should spend money on new paint. If the roof needs to be fixed then you should do it. Sometimes, when you have old furniture and appliances, the buyers won’t be interested in buying your house. So, you need to upgrade your furniture and appliances as well.

Problem with the title

If there is any problem with the title of your home, then the buyers seem to shy away. Nobody wants to buy such house and get into trouble later on. This usually happens when the house is transferred from one family member to the other or you paid-off mortgage is still showing as a lien on the home. You need to resolve these before selling the property.

Photos of the house are not good

Many people decide on the property looking at the photos online. If the photos of your property are not taken professionally, then it will not appeal to the buyers. So, you should hire a professional photographer to take the photos.

You are not ready to negotiate

You shouldn’t assume that your house will be sold at the asking price. You should have room for negotiation. So, when the buyer offers you a price, you should consider it seriously.

Your real estate agent plays a big role in selling your home. If your house is not listed or marketed properly then it won’t sell even on a seller’s market. So, you should hire a reputed real estate agent with proven track records of selling homes fast.